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Testing Center of Medicines "Biotechnology" - a modern independent testing center

Our mission is to conduct product quality tests to ensure its safety for the consumer.
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Analytical laboratory

conducts testing of products by physical, physicochemical, chemical, biochemical methods
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Laboratory of Biological Testing

controls the quality and safety of products on laboratory animals in terms of toxicity, pyrogenicity, the content of histamine-like substances, etc.
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Microbiology laboratory

controls the quality and safety of products by microbiological indicators
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Our principles
  • — the applicant is always right - he is the source of our well-being and development, demanding absolute respect;
  • — modern approach is to keep up with the times, using competent personnel, modern equipment and management methods;
  • — the quality of the test must take into account the wishes of applicants, exceed their expectations and meet the requirements of current regulatory documents.


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