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Legal address: bld.14, 24, 6th Radialnaya st., Moscow, 115404.
Actual address: 10A, street 8th line, Vidnoe, Moscow region, 142700.

Tel.: +7 495 979-23-36, +7 495 971-28-42, +7 495 541-71-12
Fax: +7 495 541-71-12

Directions from Domodedovskaya metro station: Domodedovskaya (first car, exit right),,
bus (route taxi) №364 to the stop MKGZ (Church)

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Directions from Rastorguevo station:
Station Rastorguevo, bus number 364, number 3,
trolley bus number 4 to stop MKGZ (Church)

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