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March 24, 2019 We are 20 years old! Congratulations to the CEO


Dear colleagues!

    March 24, 2019 LLC "ICLS" Biotechnology " turns 20 years! This is a significant and serious date for all of us. We have passed through childhood and adolescence, we are proud of our "solid" age and understand that right now we have reached the stage of development when we can do a lot!
    During this time we have come a long and thorny way – from a few rooms on the Science drive to a modern building with its own vivarium. The legislative framework changed several times and we had to restructure our activities on the move and adapt to new realities. Over the years, we have significantly expanded our production base due to modern equipment and measuring instruments, to a large extent computerized technological processes. The company has earned a great reputation in our professional activities. We are known, we are approached. We value our reputation and will make every effort to preserve it in the future.
    Our great asset is the team. It seems to me that right now we have reached an understanding that our laboratories are our pride, and our strength is in our unity, mutual understanding, mutual assistance and respect for each other and for our hard work! Random people do not stay with us, and we all work with full dedication to our company was successful and prosperous!
     I heartily congratulate the staff on the 20th anniversary of our Testing center. I wish you all fruitful and interesting work, creative ideas, optimism, wonderful mood and excellent health. Let in our collective there will be strong friendship, understanding and respect, and in the house of each of you – happiness, health, prosperity and love! Stability, reliability, confidence in the future and prospects for the future! And our company has a long prosperity, profitable business and success! To make every employee proud to work in Biotechnology!

T. G. Simonova,
general Director
LLC "ICLS "Biotechnology»

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